Sabbir Ahmed is a seasoned vet in the design industry who is currently using his creativity to bring ideas to life in Board Bazar. He has traditional marketing and advertising experience, yet his focus lies in digital design where creating interactive consumer experiences drive him. Sabbir's portfolio showcases a range of exceptionally well-crafted campaigns for national brands in both digital and traditional media, and he has won multiple awards for both web design and branding.


House # 32, Road # Hazrat Omar(R) road, East Kalmeshwar
Board Bazar, Gazipur

Phone: 01997236316

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Infant Class

Al Baraka Academy

2004 - 2007
Board Bazar,Gazipur


Primary-Higher Secondary

Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah

2007 - 2018

Medical college

Dhaka Medical College

2018 - 2023 inshaallah


Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah

2008 - Present
Gazipura, Tongi


Class Alim 2nd year

Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah

2016 ~ Present
Gazipura, Tongi


Pir: Sayyed Shah Sufi Belal Nuuri Ahmadullah Al Shureshwari Furfura wal Fusfusi wal Jamalpuri Rahmatullah Alaihi (Damat Barakatuhumul Aalia)

Jul. 2014 - Present


I see digital design as an art and a driver of customer delight. I'm the catalyst that mixes ideas, pushes concepts and finds the best way to energize brands through sophisticated visual design.


I don't believe in design without purpose. I see digital design as a science and believe that design plays a role in solving problems that improve the consumer experience.


I think like a business owner and identify opportunities to grow the business, the brand, whether indirectly or directly related to design.


I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the nitty gritty of design, yet my goal is ultimately to be a 'thought-leader' and provide more than ideas but inspiration.


I have high regards for team building, I work exceptionally well across all key functional areas including sales, web development, film production and customer service.


I'm always looking for opportunities and aren’t afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better.

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"I am very proud with my student.He is a brilliant student.I hope, he will shine in life. I always pray for him. "

Muhammad Pasha Biddut

Founder/CEO/owner at Infotech Solution

"I am astonished, how he had done this work, actually he is Genius student,"

Md Shabbir Jahan

ICT Lecturer
Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah

"I worked with Sabbir for 3 years and he is very good student and designer.I am proud to be his Pir "

Ahmadullah Furfura

Pir e Kamel,Furfura darbar sharif